Never Leave Me: Twilight & New Moon Fanmix

Because of my obsessive love for Twilight & New Moon, I finally made a fanmix -- after thinking about it for a month. :P
**Sorry there's so much Breaking Benjamin, but I think their newest album connects with the books so much!

Anyways, these songs describe both books. The main theme is Edward/Bella: most songs talk about being apart, but at the end one where they're together. There's a song that deals with Jacob's hate towards Bella's decision at the end of New Moon & a song that deals with the overall Jacob/Edward hate.

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Elizabethtown Premiere

Okay, so I'm just going to go ahead & say this since it's bursting out of me...
Yeah, yeah! Check it out!

So Jessica & I got to the theatre at 6:30 since the movie premiere was supposed to start at 7:00. (We never won any tickets, though) & we kept waiting for Cameron Crowe & Orlando to come. Then at around 7:30-8:30, people started screaming. We looked up & there was a giant Elizabethtown bus driving along the highway, which could be seen from the back of the theatre. (Picture here) Cameron Crowe was the only one in the bus & he only talked to the reporters. Then about 15 minutes later (if even that long) another bus could be seen across the road. It pulls up & ORLANDO STEPS OUT! Everyone went crazy. (I actually took a video of it, but it's too shaky to post. Plus, I didn't zoom in.) He was wearing navy blue trousers & jacket with a black ONE shirt on. His hair was tied back like in POTC, but this time it was a bun. He talked to the press for a minute then waved to us & walked inside. He came back out about 5-10 minutes later. He told us he'd be back later to give us all autographs. About 20 minutes later he did! There were only about 200 of us there & I was in the third row of people! So I could've reached out & fondled him if I wanted. But he was so sweet! He really did give us all autographs. This lady in front of me had a baby & he rubbed it's head & made funny faces. It was so adorable!
A woman brought a pillow of him on it & he signed "Sweet dreams! XOXO" on it. WHY DIDN'T I BRING MINE!?

But I almost didn't get an autograph because of that baby, though. He paid so much attention to it that he didn't see my hand above it's head, holding my Elizabethtown OST. But his assistant, I guess, took it from me & handed it to him. I was so happy & screamed out "THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

This is the best picture I was able to take of him. Click Yet another shaky pic. Oh, at the top left, his assistant is holding my soundtrack. :D I was like 3 feet away from him. :P

Standing in line for 3+ hours in un-air-conditioned hotel halls to audition to be an extra & not getting picked: $5 (parking)
Going to E-town in hopes of catching them filming & learning that I was a week late: $10 (new camera batteries)
Finally seeing Orlando & getting his autograph: Priceless

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