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Should've let you fall

And lose it all

10 February 1988
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the girl fandoms
 name: Malissa
-age: 19
-location: Kentucky
-school: University of Louisville
-majors: Graphic Design & Photography

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Please note that this journal is friends only. If you want to add me, just make sure we have at least three common interests. Go ahead & add me, then post a comment here. :)

If you're in need of some icons and/or graphic resources, you should check out my icon journal!

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I've got accounts at a bunch of other websites as well.
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My big list of texture/brush/picture resources can be found here. If I'm using your stuff & didn't credit, just leave a comment there! Current CSS code is made by minty_peach. I made the header with manips & a texture of my own. Both can be found at icon_maiden.

Evanescence, Aerosmith, Nightwish, My Chemical Romance, Flyleaf, Muse, Keane, Seether, AFI, Josh Groban, Michael Bublé, Celtic Woman, Matchbox 20, Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, instrumental soundtracks, Johnny Cash, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Lucia Micarelli, Black Eyed Peas, Under the Influence of Giants, Queen, System of a Down, Matchbox 20, Rob Thomas, Fergie, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin

The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Quills, Love Actually, Ever After, Now & Then, Pride & Prejudice, Walk the Line, Brokeback Mountain, The Chronicles of Narnia, Gladiator, X-men, Star Wars, Moulin Rouge, Tristan & Isolde, Monthy Python & The Holy Grail, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Inventing the Abbotts, Kingdom of Heaven, Hidalgo, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Spaceballs, The Patriot, Braveheart, Secret Window, A Knight's Tale, The Village, Signs, The Matrix, Interview With The Vampire, Queen of the Damned, Forrest Gump, Dumb & Dumber, Ace Ventura, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Zoolander, The Princess Bride, Spiderman, A Knight's Tale, The Fifth Element, Kill Bill, To Wong Fu, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Birdcage, Underworld, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Hocus Pocus, Happy Feet, Memoirs of a Geisha, Marie Antoinette, Encino Man, The Goonies, Hairspray, V For Vendetta, Major Payne, Gone With The Wind, The Birdcage, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Titan A.E., Muppet Treasure Island, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, all the Disney classics, The Wedding Date, The Great Outdoors, Harry and the Hendersons, Mermaids

Lost, Supernatural, Family Guy, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Blue Collar Comedy, Iron Chef, MythBusters, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Dirty Jobs, South Park, Home Improvement, King of Queens, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Most Haunted, America's Next Top Model, How It's Made, anything on Discovery/History/Travel Chanel or Animal Planet, The Tudors

The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Eragon, Eldest, The Amulet of Samarkand, The Golem's Eye, Ptolemy's Gate, Harry Potter, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Pirates!, Scribbler of Dreams, The Chronicles of Narnia, A Northern Light, Memoirs of a Geisha, Twilight, New Moon

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